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Anatomical mapping

We’re creating interactive anatomical structure segmentation & manipulation applications & services APIs used within image guided surgery (IGS), surgical treatment planning or radiation therapy contouring workflows.

Applications are developed with the Data Intelligence team, providing image processing backend services based on AI/ML or classical medical image processing algorithms.

The Healthcare platform team develops the required database & data processing pipeline infrastructure to provide & manage training data for AI/ML & perform automated algorithm verification & quality assurance.


Data intelligence

We’re developing advanced algorithms (using both classic & machine learning approaches) to analyze medical data. We bring together images, meta data & statistical knowledge to construct a complete digital model of each patient which accompanies the patient throughout their clinical journey.

To always keep this model up to date, we analyze surgical videos to extract events & employ biomechanical methods for precise updates of patient anatomy. Ultimately, we correlate anatomy, treatment & outcomes data to provide the basis to extract patient-specific optimal treatment plans.


Healthcare platform

We’re building the next generation of healthcare OS applications that serve as the basis for medical workflows across many surgical disciplines as well as radiation therapy.

We use the latest technologies for medical data management & leverage the opportunities of a Hybrid Cloud to make apps & services securely available everywhere you need them, from local workstations to on-premises servers to the cloud. We lift data from existing silos by supporting international standards & make it available for a new generation of data-driven applications & services.



How can video contribute to better healthcare?

We’re working to improve healthcare with video, starting in the operating room. Our goal is to provide best-in-class analysis by connecting video with clinical data, in the same way we enrich other data with our video extracts. Video allows you to understand what happened & observe situations in real-time.

We start by understanding the challenge & drafting potential solutions based on ideal data. We design services needed to create & access such data. The last step is to build the video solution.