• Introducing Snke OS. The universally deployable digital B2B surgery platform.

    Snke OS

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Meet Snke OS, the first enterprise platform built with best-in-class DNA. Fueled by AI & big data analytics with the power to handle your next breakthrough … this goes way beyond med tech. This is the edge you need to help your business scale & grow.

New technologies continue to emerge, driving a digital transformation in the healthcare data economy. There is great potential for value creation by deploying Snke OS to help scale & innovate in surgery.

Accelerating digital healthcare

Snke OS delivers safe & secure infrastructure tHAT powerS health tech.



your AI with our foundational technology



use cases & best practices across the healthcare value chain



your competition with anatomical, spatial, video & statistical data



to market fast using our root infrastructure

"Snke OS connects the dots between the data sources, driving comprehensive insights & analytics with the aim to improve health tech and best practices."

Andreas GieseManaging Director, Snke OS

"We've taken our use-case-specific Brainlab infrastructure, abstracted and decoupled it to create a universally deployable platform for start-ups, partners & competitors. Snke OS is in the unique position to play an intensely pivotal role in advancing industry-wide digital health tech innovation in surgery. "

Stefan VilsmeierPresident & CEO, Brainlab

The universally deployable platform

Design & deliver better DIGITAL healthCARE

Snke OS Digital Patient Model

Patient + Data + Procedure(s)
X Infinite Procedures X Infinite Patients
Personalized Treatments­ & Best Practice Guidelines

Snke OS, the universally deployable digital B2B platform, delivers a broad & comprehensive operating system to power applications for third party development. A team of 150 people headquartered in Munich will enable partners across the healthcare industry to deploy digital solutions for safer & more efficient interventions.