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Accelerating digital healthcare

Working at Snke OS empowers you to take action & solve global challenges in healthcare today. Snke OS is transforming the industry with deep tech, artificial intelligence & big data. We’re looking for talented professionals with diverse skills & life experiences.

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Get to know the Snke OS teams

Diversity fuels innovation at Snke OS. We come from different cultures, communities & disciplines, working together & challenging each other to think deeper & go further.


Anatomical Mapping

We’re creating application programming interface (API) services & applications for interactive anatomical structure segmentation, manipulation & their updates over time on all types of medical imaging from MRIs & CTs to ultrasound. Our API services come into play during surgical treatment planning, within radiation therapy contouring workflows & during image guided surgery (IGS) including dynamic patient modelling updates. Our software enables quantitative analysis of tumor volumes & measurements of anatomy degeneration, producing important data points for clinical research & pharmaceutical studies.

We work closely with the Data Intelligence team which provides automatic image processing backend services based on AI & classical medical image processing algorithms. As part of the Anatomical Mapping team, you’ll uncover & help solve real-world challenges, unlocking the power of data, increasing collaboration & speed to launch for customers.


Data Intelligence

We’re developing advanced algorithms that analyze medical data by using both classic computer vision & machine learning approaches. We bring together images, meta data & statistical knowledge to construct a complete digital patient model which accompanies every patient & their clinicians throughout the entire treatment journey from diagnosis to patient reported outcomes measures.

To always keep this model up to date, we process intra- & post-operative medical images, surgical videos or navigated instruments to automatically extract landmarks, structures or events for precise updates of patient anatomy. Biomechanical models & simulations further facilitate plausible & meaningful results. Ultimately, we correlate anatomy, treatment & outcomes data to lay the foundation for big data analytics & improved patient-specific treatments. As part of the Data Intelligence team, you’ll work on some of the largest & most complex medical datasets which will help empower healthcare organizations around the globe.



We’re maximizing the potential of video in surgical environments from sources like microscopes & endoscopes as well as surgical lamps & room cameras. Each source offers different & specific information on clinical setups, surgical phases, events or anatomical landmarks including their temporal changes. Our goal is to provide those video sources with the requisite infrastructure & to connect data domains, to add context from anatomical patient models, workflow knowledge & spatial tracking. This interoperability provides semantical meaning & facilitates better algorithmic video analysis. We oversee the complete development toolchain including video labeling tools, data acquisition & enrichment & we work closely together with the Data Intelligence team to innovate best-in-class video analysis services. As part of our Video team, you’ll be helping global healthcare businesses innovate, adapt & grow.


Healthcare Platform

We’re building the next generation healthcare operating system including versatile & powerful data hubs & intuitive data management applications. Our specialized software teams are focused on data modelling & interpretation, data persistence & transportation, delivering fundamental services for innovative digital health workflows. Our patient & data management applications build upon automatic pre-processing to offer intuitive UI/UX, optimized for clinical specialties & their users. Our development processes & requirements build in—from day one—the high demands related to cybersecurity, interoperability & reliability in healthcare.

We use the latest technologies & standards for medical data management & leverage the opportunities of a hybrid cloud to make apps & services securely available everywhere users need them, from local workstations to on-premises servers to the cloud. We extract data from existing silos & build upon international standards like DICOM & FHIR &- making that data available to drive a new generation of applications & services. As a member of the Healthcare Platform team, you’ll contribute to the global healthcare value chain for the benefit of patients.

How we hire

We’re committed to providing you with the best candidate experience. Our process is designed to let you be your authentic self & demonstrate how much we value your interest in Snke OS. Hiring is typically a five-step process which helps make sure we’re a good fit.


Once you’ve found a position that suits your skills, you apply online.



Here’s where we learn more about each other & clarify questions.



We may ask you to complete a set of tasks for positions requiring specific technical skills.



We’ll meet up in person or on video to take the next step.


Next steps

If we’re a good fit, the final step is an offer & how we move forward.



  • Who will I talk to on the discovery call?

    You’ll speak with a member of the team you would potentially work with.

  • Which language will be spoken during interviews?

    The official Snke OS language is English, so English will be spoken. If everyone in the interview speaks German, the interview may be held in German.

  • I’m interested in more than one position. Can I apply for them all?

    Yes! We recommend you apply for the job that interests you most & let us know in your cover letter you’re also interested in other positions. We’ll work with you to find the best fit for your skillset & interests.

  • How long are the interviews?

    Your discovery call will be via phone & will take about 30 minutes. Your interview may last anywhere from 1 1/2 to 3 hours, depending on the position.

  • How will Snke OS help with securing a work visa?

    You’ll be responsible for your own work visa application process; however, we’ll work with you to supply any documents & information you’ll need.

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Interested in Snke OS but can’t find the right role? Sign up for Talent Pool or contact our Recruiting Team & let us know how you can contribute to Snke OS. We’re always looking for qualified candidates with diverse backgrounds & experience. Let’s work together to make a difference.