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Snke OS is a proprietary operating system that powers healthcare technologies, connecting data across hospitals, apps & developers for information-driven patient care.

Snke OS is focused on creating high quality, machine-readable structured data following established clinical guidelines & expert consent ensuring conformity & completeness. Our aim is to provide objective data that drives AI, such as detailed radiomics & enables effective longitudinal studies on degenerative diseases & cancer.

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Anatomical Domain

We build & manage our dynamic anatomical patient model which can be mapped to an individual person, using data aggregated from different sources, e.g., computer tomography, MRI scans, X-Rays. Our anatomical patient model adapts to each person throughout their treatment journey, providing real-life value for digital surgery, radiation therapy & clinical trials. It can be used to model dynamic changes in the patient by means of biomechanical methods. By combining anatomical information with clinical records, treatment & outcomes data, we can even build predictive models for specific use cases.

Video Domain

We monitor & analyze surgical video signals to extract structured data for orchestration of intraoperative workflow as well as data flows & anatomical patient model updates. Combined with semantic models, clinical terminology & procedure knowledge, we enable meaningful & machine-readable documentation of surgical procedures. Artificial intelligence algorithms catalog medical videos from microscopes or endoscopes as well as surgical scene footage recorded by room & surgical lamp cameras. The video analytics software detects surgical events, anatomical landmarks, or instruments in real time. Specific anatomical information generated by Snke OS software enables third party companies to deliver intraoperative updates to information like the digital patient model & patient procedural situation. This structured data creates the foundation that third party companies need to deliver critical insights that support clinical decision-making, while also laying the foundation for big data analysis across patient cohorts & related clinical research toward improved treatment approaches.

Spatial Domain

We create a spatial coordinate system to merge the physical & digital worlds. The software delivers a platform that allows third party companies to deliver intraoperative functionality in many clinical areas; for example, localization of the patient, surgical instruments, O.R. personnel, video sources & other intraoperative devices. Co-referencing all sensors help to map the surgical scene in a digital O.R. model, providing additional insights for tracking & software-driven treatments.

Delivering information-driven patient care